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All The Hard Work Pays Off

Getting into the alpaca industry back in 2009, I was so excited and could not wait to move back to Wisconsin to start our own farm. The past two years, I have had my share of the emotional roller coaster through events of owning alpacas.

But this past weekend, I had the privelage of attending the Spring Bling Alpaca show in Neenah, WI. taking our 4.5 year old boy Othello. I went to learn more of the alpaca industry, and also to introduce myself to other alpaca owners. To my surprise, Othello took first place. I could not beleive it that here I was new to the industry, and going home with a blue ribbon. All the hard work up to this point and all the emotional days of me thinking that I was doing things wrong, all disappeared in the middle of the ring on Saturday.

That one short moment revived my passion to move forward and continue my journey in the alpaca industry. I found so many alpaca owners that are willing to assist me on moving forward to be as successful as I can be as an alpaca owner.

My goal for the future, is to obtain the funding that is nessecary to purchase the equiptment and fencing needed on our farm to have our farm as environmentaly friendly as the alpacas. Having solar panels, wind powered electricity even collecting the rain water to help the environment is the goal I have for our farm.

It may take me a while to get the farm to my goal as we are more than happy to take others materials, such as lumber, fencing, gates, etc. we recycle items to use on our farm. Recently I went on a rescue of 11 alpacas. I was told that I was nuts for taking on such a large rescue for the first time. But when it comes to alpacas, I will do what ever I can to make sure these animals are safe, healthy and sold to the right people. Any alpacas on our farm will not be sold for experimenting, or meat. Here on our farm, we may not have alot of money, but we have the love and passion for alpacas, to continue our journey.